Food and Industrial Alcohol

At Distilleria Deta, vinification subproducts (grape marc and wine lees) are used to produce Alcohol for food and industrial use.

  • Alcohol for food use: also called “neutral”, it fully complies with the parameters indicated by “EC Regulation No. 110/2008” for the production of alcoholic products intended for human consumption.
    This type of alcohol is sold in various markets and is used primarily as a base for the production of other alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcohol for industrial use: commonly called “raw”, this is the base used to process denatured alcohol intended for various uses (cosmetics, pharmaceutical chemistry, production of solvents and detergents, inks, varnishes, etc.) and it can be used for the production of second generation or “advanced” Bioethanol.

The distillation process is automated and constantly monitored in order to guarantee personnel safety and to ensure that our products comply with the highest quality standards.