Liquor factory

Excellent quality liqueurs and spirits are produced by Deta Liquor Factory, skillfully processed in accordance with the most authentic tradition.


The resulting products have unique flavours, rich and harmonic, made with recipes that tend to enhance the taste and refinement in the combination of ingredients that have been carefully selected for each product. The raw materials are carefully selected and the entire process is managed with painstaking care and attention.


Deta Liquor Factory has modern machinery that is automated and in compliance with the regulations on the production of spirits for bottling and bottle labelling both for the Deta brand and for third parties, not to mention the particular attention and care that is also dedicated to packaging the products.


The linear bottling line allows the bottle to be adapted and customised based on the formats requested by the customers before sending them out for direct sale, large scale distribution and HORECA distribution.
All of this can count on qualified personnel specialised in the production of the various types of liqueurs and spirits.

We believe in quality
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